Explore Jaffa Port

The revitalized old city of Jaffa has fast become one of trendiest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. A perfect blend of the new with the very (very!) old, the neighborhood sits atop a 4000 year old port and before a backdrop of the Mediterranean coastline. It’s a serene epicenter for culture in its own right - meander down the cool cobbled alleyways of the Artist Colony, which plays host to an impressive congregation of design galleries, ethnic art workshops, sidewalk cafes that have been flourishing alongside old-school family joints. Converted warehouses at the Jaffa Port house lively seaside restaurants and bars with live music and views the sea. The Jaffa flea market presents another exclusive experience, with its signature ramshackle stalls boasting an array of antiques, little drinking holes and restaurants serving up the best of both Arab and Israeli cuisine. Jaffa’s new boardwalk connects to the Tel Aviv seashore promenade, lending easy accessibility to the heart of the city.