Explore German Colony

Join the locals and hang out in the popular German Colony district where you can relax and enjoy high-end boutique shopping and dip into its cafe culture. Emek Refaim Street is the focal point of the area with a bustling life of coffee shops and restaurants that serve a cosmopolitan blend of pizza, falafel, Oriental cuisine and vegetarian dishes. On sunny days, the area provides the perfect opportunity for a spot of relaxation and people watching in al fresco cafes, while families can take advantage of its park and swimming pool or explore the Nature Museum. The German Colony combines an intriguing mix of old world German architecture with Arabic additions. The Biblical area of Emek Refaim was colonised in the mid 19th-century by German protestants. On arrival, they set about recreating a little bit of their homeland around them. Stroll around today and you'll come across door lintels inscribed in both Arabic and German. The German Colony and Emek Refaim Street, populated by a vibrant mix of artists and intellectuals, also come alive after dark. The area is home to the popular Smadar Theatre, Jerusalem's arthouse cinema and its cafe-bar. Buy your ticket, grab a drink and when the programme starts, take your beer or wine in with you to sip as you enjoy a film.