Explore Carmel market

The art of urban grit. Nachlat Binyamin centres on the colourful strip of the Carmel market, where the passionate bellowing calls of the street vendors can be heard as you approach. Although traditionally much more shabby-than-chic, the neighbourhood has become smarter in recent years, retaining its artsy vibe that comes from its cultural offerings and local student residents. The high street is home to the bi-weekly arts and crafts fair, where local artists and designers come to display their handmade wares on makeshift tables all along the snaking pedestrian mall. Jazzy bars, independent cafes and sunny, outdoor restaurants provide the flavour to the neighbourhood, offering a leisurely, no-need-to-work aura. Alongside mounds of spices, fresh produce galore and colourful knickknacks you never knew you needed, the Carmel market features small restaurants serving locally sourced cuisine, traditional home cooked delicacies, speciality wine and cheese shops and bakeries. The celebrated nightlife surrounding Allenbi Street, Neve Tzedek and Rothschild Boulevard are all just a short walk away.