Explore Kerem HaTeimanim - Beach Area

A little village in a big city. It’s hard to believe this peaceful little gem of a neighborhood is right in-between the rowdy vendors of the Carmel market and the buzzing streets of the city center. A no frills, no fuss affair, this is an area of unpretentious charm. Predominantly residential, the peaceful narrow alleyways of the Yemenite village, with their balcony gardens, Mediterranean flora and climbing vines, make you feel as if time has stood still. Originally built in 1904 for down-on-their-luck immigrants from Yemen, the low-rise abodes retain an authentic vibe to this day and now add a pleasant, almost mystical appeal to their humble origins. Attracted to the area by its simple-life allure and tranquil setting, students and young professionals are joining locals that have been there for generations. Literally translating to Yemenite vineyard, the neighborhood is situated smack in the center of Tel Aviv, benefiting from a close vicinity to its sunny beaches, lively shopping districts, nightlife and delectable cuisine. And if its authentic food you’re after, there’s nowhere better than this area - traditional home-cooked meals are proudly served up by local residents in wonderfully ramshackle restaurants.