Buscar City Center - Beach Area

Find yourself in the swing of things.Just spend some time in the center of Tel Aviv and it’s easy to see why the locals avoid leaving the area as much as they possibly can. Stretching out from the Rabin square monument out towards the beach, this neighborhood is simply soaked in the nonstop energy of Tel Aviv in all its cafe-culture glory. Adored by the local community, the tree lined streets of Ben Gurion Boulevard feature dining spots tucked away at every corner - selling fresh juice and delectable bites. On the weekend, swamps of in-the-know youngsters attend musical performances all along the boulevard. Here, trees rustle softly between Bauhaus creations, cultural offerings and laid back coffee shops offering eclectic culinary experiences. Walk south and experience the pulsating heartbeat that is Dizengoff Street, where shops and bars of every sort congregate in harmony. Further west, the promenade overlooking the Tel Aviv coastline is a perennial favorite for romantic strolls and jogging. You can always rent a green city bike for the day and peruse the sights at your doorstep. This allows you to make the most of both the buzzing city and the glorious sunny beach.