Искать Виа Национале, Монти

Although you'll see hardened locals out on the pavement cafes in most weathers, the Via Nazionale isn't really a place to sit and stare. It's more about going with the flow, feeling part of the surge of people and traffic that make up modern Rome. Dating from the 1860s, this avenue is the main thoroughfare between Roma Termini, the city's main railway station, and Piazza Venezia and the rest of the town centre. Interspersed with restaurants and fashion boutiques, hotels in the grand 19th century style loom over the scooters and taxis, the street vendors selling fresh fruit and bottled water. About a third of the way along on the left, usually with a stall in front of it, is the easy to miss, stripy Gothic Revival facade of Saint Paul's Within the Walls, notable for being Rome's first protestant church and for its four mosaics designed by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones. Meanwhile on the right are the Banca D'Italia, Italy's central bank, and the Palazzo delle Esposizione, whose wedding cake exterior hides a state of the art cultural centre, the result of a five year refurbishment project, with a cinema, cafe and restaurant as well as an impressive roster of exhibitions.