Buscar Spanish Steps

Homesick for the English language or want to indulge in serious fashion shopping? Then head to the Spanish Steps or Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, a bustling outdoor living room where locals and tourists gather for some serious showing off and people watching. Famous from so many films and photographs, 138 steps curve gracefully up from the Piazza di Spagna to the entrance of Trinità dei Monti. No matter the time of year you'll find something to admire on the steps from the dense blossoms of Springtime azaleas to a life-sized Christmas Nativity scene while crowds of street artists, Italians taking their daily stroll and tourists provide day and night entertainment. Take afternoon tea in the Victorian gentility of Babington's Tea Rooms or do like the locals and lunch on the steps of Bernini's fountain La Barcaccia, or the Ugly Boat. Its statue recalls a large barge that was left stranded on the spot after the River Tiber flooded. Take time to pay homage to 19th-century literary giants. The young romantic John Keats died in the pink house that nestles up to the steps while the square is also home to the Keats-Shelley Memorial Museum. If you want more of the romantic poets, an Anglo-American bookstore is just around the corner.