Buscar Vatican

Prati is a deluxe neighborhood where retail therapy trumps the religious spirit of nearby Vatican City. Wide, tree-lined avenues and charming public courtyards attract you to visit the international fashion boutiques. The main boulevard, Cola di Rienzo, offers a mouthwatering choice of fine restaurants and gelaterie that make dining into a divine experience! Set outside of central Rome, Prati has a less frenzied atmosphere and streets that are easy to navigate. Sit down at a sidewalk cafe to take a mid-day break (defined in Rome as a 3-hour lunch), or relax at one of the comforting wine bars. Dignified office buildings and residential units are mixed with the stores, so you can mingle with the upper-crust locals. If you’re an early riser and in the mood for a picturesque morning stroll, schedule a visit to Piazza Cavour – a green haven alongside the Tiber River. Located near the Vatican Museums, Prati is ultra-convenient for touring and serviced well by bus lines, tram and metro.