Explore Porte de Versailles - Parc des Expositions

"Once home to impoverished artists and struggling composers, Montparnasse still manages to retain an air of creativity, despite extensive modernisation during the 1970’s. It hasn't always been popular with the cosmopolitan Left Bank locals, but the slightly incongruous Tour Montparnasse, which was finished in 1973, offers fantastic views of the city from its observation deck. Down below, theatres and bars line the streets, and regular farmers markets offer up vegetables and pastries from the outlying areas. You’ll find the stunning Montparnasse Cemetery near the railway station, peppered with colourful monuments and grand cenotaphs. Most visitors head straight for the final resting places of iconic writers and philosophers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, but many Parisian fire-fighters and police officers who died in the line of duty are also interred here. Fifteen minutes along the Rue de Vaugirard is the Porte de Versailles, home to the imposing Parc des Expositions, France’s largest exhibition centre. The spacious park was created back in 1923 and is still an international venue, with more than six million visitors each year flocking in to experience a diverse range of shows, fairs and conventions. The Paris Motor Show, held every other October, is one of the best known, but the venue’s four halls also host hobby fairs, innovation expo's and food events."