Buscar Les Halles - Etienne Marcel (1er)

Pronounced: Ley-all (!) Once a rundown market town, the district of Les Halles - Beaubourg has transformed itself into one of the French capital's liveliest neighbourhoods, right in the middle of the city. A central fresh food marketplace back in the day, Les Halles was the focal point of all Parisian life. Today, after undergoing a cheeky facelift, the area has reinvented itself as an underground shopping mall and railway station. Above ground, cobbled streets house a variety of trendy shops, bars and eating joints offering uniquely local culinary experiences. In summertime, you’ll find mimes, musicians, cartoonists and a whole variety of street performances at every corner. Rue Montorguel is another little treat, with enough speciality shops, cafes, fruit stalls and restaurants to satisfy even the greatest of appetites. Another highlights is the Centre Pompidou, a celebrated museum for modern and contemporary art, which is as much of a modern masterpiece on the outside as the art pieces are on the inside.