Explore Graca

God is in the details - and never has this been more applicable to an area then to Graca. It’s all about the intricate ironwork, stonework, beautiful colours and elaborate tiled facades. Primarily residential, it feels as though all the architecture has a story to tell. Be they low, tall, grand or modest, all the buildings combine to an enchanting and calming result. The neighbourhood was once a large industrial district back in the 1920’s and 30’s, and old worker houses, now called Villas, sit alongside the decidedly grander houses once belonging to the factory owners. Although Graca high street is narrow and has the historic tram line running right through it, somehow it still manages to squeeze in a bevy of local shops, artisan bakeries and little corner coffee-shops. One of the highlights of Graca is the June Festival, Saint Anthony’s (the patron saint of Lisbon) party, as it’s affectionately termed, where thousands of visitors flock to the street-side festivities. Graca is also celebrated for its traditional Pimba music.