Explore Bairro Alto

The epicentre for the capital’s nightlife. What’s curious about Bairro Alto is that by day, the neighbourhood is all sleepy alleyways and elderly neighbours ambling quietly by. But by night, this seemingly peaceful district transforms into one big, edgy street party. A tightly knit congregation of grungy, compact bars teem with locals who spill out into the alleyways, drink in hand. This combination of old-world charm and avant-garde creates a dynamic that’s full of surprises. Once you’ve roused yourself from the previous night’s hullabaloo, the high street in Bairro Alto has delicious-smelling bakeries and restaurants to lounge about in. There’s also an abundance of wine shops, art galleries and handcraft studios. A visit to golden São Roque Church might be in order as well. During the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, the neighbourhood was home to all major newspaper headquarters and printing houses, echoes of which can still be found in the local community - Bairro Alto is still frequented and inhabited by journalists, writers, artists and students to this day.