Buscar Sao Bento

Sao Bento is the amazing political center of Lisbon. The most prominent landmark in this Lisbon neighborhood is the grand Assembly of the Republic, where the Portuguese parliament meets. This proud Neoclassical building was designed originally as the Sao Bento Palace and later renovated. When parliament is in session, you can peek at the luxurious marble interior while listening to lively debates (if you understand Portuguese, that is!). The main avenue of Sao Bento is a narrow, yet bustling thoroughfare known for marvelous antique stores, booksellers and crafty home furnishings shops. Stroll down the main route and explore some of the quiet side streets to glimpse architectural gems. Cozy cafes welcome visitors with local delicacies and afternoon tea. Estrela Park is a popular place to relax, where you can enjoy exotic plants and listen to live music played on a gazebo bandstand. This area is experiencing new vibrancy as many young families are flocking to settle here. Several bus routes and the metro make it easy to move around Sao Bento.