Esplora Baka

Packing plenty of old world charm along with a crop of well-integrated modern homes, Baka has become one of Jerusalem’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Dating back to the 1920’s, it sits in a scenic valley to the south west of the city, but is still conveniently close to the busier down-town areas. Baka was originally developed as a residential garden suburb, a wealthy enclave where upper-middle class Christians lived alongside equally well-off Muslims in affluent harmony. Today their bespoke homes, blending colonial themes with Mediterranean colour are still at the heart of this diverse community. You’ll find a good proportion of people from the US, UK, and Australia live here, making English a popular language. A convenient way of exploring Baka is to follow the now disused train track from Tachana Ha’Rishona. Your starting point is an idyllic spot with numerous cafes, and a laid back urban atmosphere. Further along you’ll pass elaborate green spaces and open areas, designed as places to meet and relax. If you’ll be staying a while, there’s a thriving lending library beside the track where people donate and borrow books. When you’re ready to eat, press on to the Grand Cafe and choose from a tempting selection of traditional Israeli dishes, salads and home-made breads.